Very often, we have people ask us why they should have an inspection of their new Gainesville home during construction. After they move in, the same people tend to give us a call and ask us to come look at something because they keep finding little things the builder forgot or didn’t install to their standard. Building a new construction home in Gainesville does not ensure you are getting a home build free of defects and safety hazards. Home builders are generally projects managers often overseeing the work of their subcontractors but rarely having the depth of knowledge and experience in all areas of new home construction to discover all defects. Commonly, they rely on municipal building inspectors to find these issues however, city and county inspectors are so busy, they rarely have the time to look over a project in depth. That’s where we come in!

Data recently made public has shown that Alachua County currently has a shortage of approximately 37,000 homes. If 37,000 new construction homes were available today, they would all be sold within days. The speed at which Gainesville’s new home builders have to work to keep up with the current demand creates many areas where something may get overlooked.

As the trusted and most thorough new construction home inspection company around Gainesville, we work closely with you the buyer, as well as the builder to take an in-depth look at your new home during, and after the construction process to ensure building standards, plans, and material and product manufacturer requirements are being met. We’ve provided inspections for clients purchasing new construction homes from the vast majority of Gainesville’s new home builders and helped to ensure our client’s new homes are built to the standard they expect. When considering having a new construction home build, we recommend having at a minimum, these three inspection performed by a third party inspection company who is knowledgeable in construction practices and manufacturer requirements such as Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting:

  1. Pre-Drywall Inspections

Pre-drywall inspections are performed after the framing and rough-in of the major systems is completed and prior to the installation of drywall, floor coverings, and fixtures and cabinets. The purpose of a pre-drywall inspection is to review the framing, electrical and plumbing rough-ins, HVAC ductwork, insulation (if installed), doors and windows in the framing, flooring and roof structures, and exterior cladding and roofing for issues that will be covered up once the home is completed.

New home construction pre-drywall inspection gainesville florida - greenwood building inspection and consulting

Common issues we find during pre-drywall inspections is oversized holes and notches in load bearing framing, siding missing protection of gaps or incorrectly installed siding and stucco, electrical conductors that are not protected from puncture if you were to nail or screw into the wall, missing fire-blocking at openings in framing to non-habitable spaces, kinks and bends in ductwork that are excessive, and missing framing connectors, to just name a few. All these issues can impact the systems of the home or create a safety hazard to you and other occupants. Of all the possible construction phase inspection, a pre-drywall inspection is, in our opinion, your most important AND most beneficial.

2. Final Pre-Closing Inspections

The final pre-closing inspections are performed at the time the home is ready to receive it’s certificate of occupancy by the city or county and before you close on the purchase. Pre-closing inspections are performed similarly to a standard home inspection. Our pre-closing inspections are performed in more depth than a standard home inspection as we review manufacturer documentation for appliances, large system components, etc. to ensure everything is installed to the standards the manufacturer’s prescribe. Commonly issues we find on pre-closing inspection include plumbing components that leak due to improper installation, incorrect installation of appliances in kitchen per manufacturer requirements, gaps in (or missing) weather-stripping at exterior doors, missing sealants and loose or missing brackets where under-mount sinks are secured to countertops, and more. The report you will receive will not only help you and the builder see what requires repairs but also what the standards and requirements are and where they come from.

Pre-closing final closing new construction home inspection gainesville fl greenwood property inspection services

3. 11th Month Builder Warranty Inspection

Finally, you’re the proud owner of your new home and your builder has provided you with a warranty period. Generally new home warranties are 12 months in length however, we’ve seen builders offer warranty periods as short as 3 months. Around 1 month before the end of your warranty period, we recommend having an 11th month warranty inspection performed. These inspections are designed to re-inspect the entire home, much like pre-closing inspection, but focus significantly on the performance of the systems. Components that have manufacturing defects generally show up by this time and our goal is to find these defects so you can have the builder repair or replace them under warranty. Common issues found on 11th month warrant inspection include HVAC systems that are under-performing,low water flow at bathroom fixtures due to sediment accumulation in the lines, paint peeling on the exterior due to moisture trapped in the siding during painting, water leaking from shower enclosures due to deteriorated sealing at edges, and more. As with the other inspections mentioned, you’ll receive a written report with images identifying the issues and, if applicable, references to manufacturer or building requirements.

11th month builder warranty home inspection gainesville fl alachua county greenwood property inspection services

Our goal to to ensure your new construction home in Gainesville meets your expectations, and we do that by providing these thorough new construction inspections. It should be noted that new home construction is a process that takes many months and there are opportunities for additional inspections along the way if you’re interested in the most thoroughly reviewed construction project! Some of the other inspections we commonly perform include pre-pour inspections, roofing underlayment assessments, pre-cladding inspections, and plumbing pre-pour inspections. We’ve been very fortunate to work for clients like you who have purchased homes from many great local builders. Many of our inspections have helped builder identify re-occurring issues and take the steps to improve their quality.

No matter where you are purchasing your new construction home, whether in Gainesville, or any of the surrounding areas, we’re here to help you ensure the home of your dreams doesn’t turn into a nightmare down the road by providing the most trusted and thorough inspection services.