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New Phase Construction Home Inspections and Building Consultations in North Florida

Why Inspect A New Build?

Most people believe a newly constructed home or building will be free of defects and will be thoroughly inspected by the builder, but our Florida construction phase inspection tells a different story. All new construction homes and businesses should always be inspected by an independent third party hired by, and working on the behalf of you, the buyer. New construction phase inspections in North Florida provides valuable insight and information into the property’s condition and the build’s construction. Having third party inspections performed can identify issues and prevent costly repairs down the road by providing you, and the builder, with a list of items requiring correction while all components are still easily accessible and cheap to repair or replace.

Why Should I Get Construction Phase Inspections? I Have A Good Florida Building Contractor.

Builders and general contractors act as the managers of a construction site. They generally have a good knowledge of all aspects of homes and building, however, like everyone they are busy and sometimes issues slip through the cracks. Some reasons to use an independent inspection include:


  • Builders commonly sub-contract portions of the construction to other companies. If an item is missed by the sub-contractor the builder may not catch it or they may forget to follow up that a repair was made.
  • Most builders do not perform thorough, in-depth inspections throughout the process. They rely on the permitting process and county or city building inspectors. Most building inspectors are over-worked and only take a quick view of the areas they are there to inspect before moving on the the next property on their busy schedules.
  • Many builder provide “inspections” for their buyers however these “inspections” are more like orientation walk-throughs that focus on ensuring the customizations and enhancements you requested are to your liking. They do not focus on the building construction process.
  • Most builders as well as government inspectors are well versed in the building standards applicable to the home they are building however, many are not as familiar with the manufacturer specific installation requirements for components they use in the buildings. For example, cement board siding manufacturer James Hardie has very specific installation requirements for their products that if not performed completely, may result in voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Some builders are against third-party independent inspections and will outright refuse to allow an inspector on the property or make if very difficult to do so. Since they are still the property owners they are in their right to do so however, a builder that is unwilling to allow you to have the home you are buying inspected should throw up a red flag. We recommend in this instance having an inspection performed immediately after taking ownership of the home.
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Common Florida New Construction Phase Inspections Issues

Newly constructed homes can have a variety of issues, some of which can be common. Some of the most common issues include:

  1. Poor workmanship: Poorly installed fixtures, shoddy painting, or substandard finish work can be common in new homes.

  2. Defective materials: Poor quality materials such as doors that don’t close properly, windows that leak, or tiles that crack can be common in new construction homes.

  3. Plumbing problems: Leaks, clogs, and low water pressure.

  4. Electrical issues: Electrical problems such as flickering lights, tripping breakers, or faulty wiring are common.

  5. Structural problems: Structural problems such as incorrect installation of trusses or load bearing supports, deviations from plan requirements, and damaged materials installed can be a costly issue with your new home.

  6. Poor insulation: Poor insulation installation can lead to heating and cooling problems, and high energy bills.

  7. Roofing problems: Leaks, improper flashing, and missing or damaged shingles can be common roofing problems in new homes.

It is important to address these issues as soon as possible to avoid further damage and costly repairs. An independent inspection is specifically designed to identify these types of common issues.

Inspection Services for New Construction Florida Homes and Buildings

Phase inspections and assessments of under construction and newly constructed Florida homes and businesses are assessed to the applicable building standards and manufacturer installation requirements. New construction home and commercial inspections are based more on compliance with applicable standards rather than defect and safety assessments based on lived in condition we would perform for a typical home inspection.

Phase I inspections look at grading and excavation of the property, anchors and footing spacing and sizing, and slab pre-pour layout. Some of the specific components inspected include:

  • Drain, Waste, and Vent lines
  • Water supply lines
  • Plumbing and pipes for water and gas distribution
  • Trenches and soil excavation
  • Elevation, grading, and drainage
  • Rebar, and concrete form layout
  • Review of foundation plans and slab layout

Phase II inspections are the most in-depth phase inspection focus on framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, cladding, windows and doors, and roof. Some of the specific areas inspected include:

  • Beams, bearings, and other framing members
  • Trusses
  • Nails, screws, anchors, connection plates, clips, straps, ties, etc.
  • Stairwells and stair structure and attachment
  • Fireblocking and draft prevention
  • Electrical conductors, panels, and outlets rough-in
  • Plumbing distribution and waste lines rough-in
  • HVAC ductwork and air distribution and return system rough-in
  • Building envelope penetrations (doors and windows) water and air intrusion resistance
  • Roof system framing, sheathing, underlayment, and flashing
  • Review of truss plans and framing layouts
  • Review of documentation for load bear points and transfer paths

Phase II-B inspections are optional additional inspections that may be necessary if the builder installs the exterior cladding prior to completion of the interior framing. Generally this inspection is performed as part of a full phase II inspection unless the builder intents on installing the cladding prior to the phase II inspection date. This inspection assess the installation of the exterior sheathing and water resistance barriers prior to the installation of the an exterior covering or cladding. Specific items inspected include:


  • Sheathing and water resistant barriers
  • Fasteners and attachments
  • Flashing and building envelope penetrations
  • Cladding attachment
  • Cladding/sheathing and foundation separation and water intrusion resistance

Phase III inspections are your standard pre-purchase home or property inspection. These inspections review the 200 + components and systems inspected on all pre-purchase inspections. Utilities should be connected and turned on during phase III inspections. Phase III inspections are your last opportunity to have the home or building assessed prior to taking ownership.

Builder’s warranty period inspections, like phase III inspections are a full home or property inspection. The difference is these inspections are generally performed in the last month or two of the builder’s warranty period to identify any systems or components that have pre-maturely aged, or have become defective due to workmanship or manufacturer defects. Builder’s warranty inspections are your last opportunity to have the builder make any repairs required before taking on full financial responsibility for the home and all systems in it.

What is Included in Your New Construction Inspection?

Your new construction home and building inspection will include:


  • Full color image, easy-to-read, detailed reports for each phase describing the issues found.
  • References to the actual standards or manufacturer documentation where the requirements are detailed so you and the builder understand the problem and the correct solution.
  • An on-site walk-through of the major issues identified at the conclusion of our on-site inspection.
  • Post-inspection assistance with report understanding for both you and the builder.
  • A re-inspection of issues you requested the builder to correct once all corrections are made.

What Do New Construction Inspections Cost?

New construction inspection fees below are based on buildings with a total square footage of under 2000 square feet:

  • Phase I: Foundation/Pre-Pour Inspection – starting at $390
  • Phase II-B: Exterior/Pre-Cladding Inspection – starting at $290
  • Phase II: Framing/Pre-Drywall Inspection – starting at $490 ($440 if a phase II-B inspection was performed)
  • Phase III: Final/Pre-Closing Inspection – Starting at $390 based on total square footage
  • Builder’s Warranty Period Inspection – Starting at $390 based on total square footage
  • Additional Site Visits – $90 to re-inspect repaired areas to perform specific assessments.
  • Water Quality Analysis – $90 on-site general chemical analysis, $290 laboratory analysis, Inquire for comprehensive laboratory testing.

How to Increase the Success of your New Construction Inspections

  • Ask the builder to provide copies of the blueprints and construction plans ahead of time for us to review prior to your on-site inspection.
  • Be on-site for a walk-through at the conclusion of your inspection to see the issues in person and understand the proper construction requirements.
  • Review your report completely, make notes, and ask us any questions you have.
  • Provide your builder with a copy of the inspection report summary along with a list of the specific items you are requesting them to repair.
  • Request the builder provide a timeline for completion of all the repairs and let them know you will be scheduling a follow-up inspection for those items.
  • Reach out to us to schedule your re-inspection.

Are You Ready to Begin Scheduling Your New Construction Inspections?

Click the button to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an inspection. Schedule one phase or several! We are here to help you with your new construction home and building purchase.

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