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Phase I Environmental Site Assessments around Gainesville

If your purchasing a commercial property in the Gainesville area, Environmental Site Assessments will be part of your due diligence. A Phase I ESA is completed to the ASTM E1527 Standard Procedure and serves to identify recognized environmental concerns and petroleum products at your property and at surrounding properties you should be aware of. Will Greenwood, the owner of Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting, will be your environmental professional in charge of performing your Phase I ESA. With his B.S. in Environmental Science and an scientific career spanning over 15 years, Greenwood is poise to help you ensure your due diligence is completed to the highest quality possible.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process

Initial Contact and Research
Documentation and Database Requests
Site Visit
Records Research
Report Generation
Delivery Report

With over 15 years of professional environmental experience, Greenwood has the knowledge and resources to ensure thorough Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for your Gainesville area commercial property. 

Gainesville Environmental Site Assessments

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