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Forensic Home Inspections

Our forensic home inspections will help you determine the cause and/or repair needed to correct ongoing or reoccurring issues with your home. Our team of trained and experienced inspectors use a variety or tools and visual assessments to locate and identify the source of issues and make an un-biased recommendation for repair by a licensed contractor.

Forensic/Investigative Inspections

A forensic home inspection is a type of home inspection that goes beyond the basic evaluation of a property’s condition. It is a specialized investigation meant to identify hidden problems or damage that may not be readily apparent. Also called an investigative or system specific inspection, forensic home inspections can serve a variety of purposes, from verifying the findings of a previous inspection to uncovering the root cause of a problem or damage caused by various sources. This can include evidence of water damage, foundation cracks, structural issues, mold, and other hidden problems that may compromise the integrity of the property. The result of a forensic inspection can help you, the homeowners, buyers, and/or sellers make informed decisions based on an un-biased, independent inspection.

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Industry Training and Experience

The Right Tools for the Job

Our inspectors are trained and experienced with the latest tools and equipment to provide a thorough and detailed forensic home inspection. We use an array of professional tools and equipment to diagnose and isolate your issues including thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, HVAC gauges sets, combustion gas and refrigerant leak detectors, electrical multi-meters, and much more.

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Detailed, Photographic Reports

Each time you need a forensic home inspection, our inspectors will provide you with a written report documenting the processes we took to identify and isolate the issues, the issues found and the potential causes, and recommendations for industry professionals to follow up with the necessary repairs. We will include photographs to aid in documenting the issues to clearly convey the finding to you and the industry professionals.

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