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Gainesville’s best local home inspector is one that offers comprehensive and detailed inspections, delivered by experienced and licensed professionals. That’s why you should choose us! We strive for a strong reputation in the industry and to be known for our thoroughness and attention to detail. Greenwood offers a range of inspection services, including home inspections, insurance inspections, commercial properties, and new construction inspections, and provide clear and concise reports with recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Additionally, our goal is to have excellent customer service and be responsive and communicative throughout the inspection process. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the condition of your current, or prospective property.

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Greenwood has served thousands of clients including private individuals, small and large businesses, and even government and academia. No matter who you are, we strive to be the best local home inspector you’re looking for.

Completed Projects

office building commercial property inspection gainesville florida greenwood property inspection services consulting

Commercial Real Estate Purchase Inspection

Naylor Building - Gainesville, FL

Baseline Property Condition Assessment

40+ State-Owned Properties Throughout Florida

Commercial Real Estate Purchase Inspection

Optym Building - Gainesville, FL

Property Condition Documentation Assessment

U.S. Post Office Building - Gainesville, FL

Irrigation System Condition Assessment

Wildwood Golf Course - Crawfordville, FL

Commercial Real Estate Purchase Inspection

Old Firehouse - Keystone Heights, FL

Triple Net Lease Condition Inspection

Burger King Restaurant - St Johns, FL

Property Condition Documentation Assessment

Ride Now Building - Gainesville, FL

Serving Your North Florida Community

Greenwood Building Inspection & Consulting property inspection services are offered through all of North Florida with residential, commercial, and construction inspections based in Gainesville, from Jacksonville and the Atlantic Coast to Tallahassee and the Gulf Coast, and from the Florida/Georgia line to Orlando, Tampa, and South.

Do You Perform Home Inspections?

Yes! Our team is experienced in all areas of residential properties and can assist you with a full home inspection. We review of 200 systems and components of every home we inspect.

What Is A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The state of Florida as mandated insurance companies give you discounts based on specific aspects of your home that make it more resilient to storms. This inspection documents those features so the insurers know what discounts you are eligible for.

Why Is My Builder/Client Is Requesting The Inspector Provide Insurance Information?

Liability and potential damage is a big concern when inspecting a property. We are fully covered with General and Professional liability insurance and commonly provide that information when requested.

How Do Commercial Inspections Differ From Homes?

Commercial properties generally have more complex building systems including 3-phase electrical, large scale HVAC systems, automation systems, fire supression systems and much more. Our team is trained and experienced with these different systems.

What Form Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash, personal/business checks, or card payments. We can also accept bank transfers for our commercial/business clients.

What Is Your Experience With Property Inspections?

Greenwood has been in business in Gainesville, FL since early 2018. Our team has been in the construction and building materials industry for over 20 years and brings that wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.

Can I See An Example Of Your Inspection Reports?

Absolutely! Reach out and let us know what type of service you're interested in and we can send you some information as well as an example of the report you would receive.

Doesn't the City/County Inspect My New Home?

Municipal inspections, while important, do not cover the scope and depth of our construction inspection services. We inspect not only to the building standards and specific construction plans, but also to material manufacturer's instructions.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Report?

Once the on-site work is completed, we take the opportunity to research and review the findings to ensure we're providing as complete a picture as possible. For most projects, we deliver reports via email within 24 hours of completion of the on-site work. For larger projects, we will provide a timeline in the project proposal.

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